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Why it’s important to update drivers

Let’s start with the basics.  What is a driver?

Windows requires drivers to run all devices associated with your PC, including video cards, wifi cards, printers, speakers, keyboards etc.  Keeping your drivers updated helps ensure the best performance from all your devices.

Device manufacturers are constantly updating their products drivers to fix bugs, improve the performance or patch security flaws. For this reason, if you start experiencing problems with a device it makes sense to check you’re running the best driver for that device. In fact, some of the biggest problems faced by users upgrading to Windows 10 or 11 are when their existing hardware is not compatible with their new operating system.

Checking your PC for outdated drivers

The simplest way to find out if you have outdated drivers is to run a scan with a program like Smart Driver Manager.  The driver scan is free, and it will immediately identify any outdated drivers on your system. Click here to download Smart Driver Manager and run the free scan.

Where can I download driver updates?

Device driver updates are often available free of charge on manufacturers websites.  You can try going to the manufacturers’ website and searching for an update based on your device ID or current driver version number.  NOTE: Before installing a driver update remember to double check the driver version number and release date to make sure it is the correct match for your device.

Fastest and safest solution

Rather than searching and trying to find the right updates manually, try running a scan with Smart Driver Manager.   Once quick scan identifies all the driver updates available for your system.  All our drivers are Microsoft Certified, and our driver database is constantly updated.  Using our free version, you can download and install updates individually or you can register and update all your device drivers with 1-click.  You never have to worry about installing the wrong driver update because Smart Driver Manager recommendations are matched to your exact system.

Download Smart Driver Manager and run a free scan to check your PC for driver updates.

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