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Update old drivers instantly

Smart Driver Manager for Windows 10 and 11 | Smart PC Solutions

Smart Driver Manager

Maximize the performance and improve the security of your PC by installing the best driver updates for your system. Smart Driver Manager quickly scans your PC and external devices identifying old drivers and providing the latest updates.

Clean and optimize your PC

Smart PC Optimizer

Is your PC feeling sluggish or running low on disk space? Run a cleanup scan with Smart PC Optimizer and in just a few minutes you will have a full list of files which can be safely removed to free up space. Download and run a free scan with Smart PC Optimizer today.

Smart PC PRO | Clean and optimize your PC

Identify files containing personal information

Smart ID Scan


Storing private information in random files on your PC is not secure. Run a scan with Smart ID Scan now to identify files containing any traces of personally identifiable information including credit cards, social security numbers, driver's license, passwords and more.

Free encryption software to protect your files

EncryptionSafe - FREE PRODUCT

EncryptionSafe is an essential tool to protect your sensitive data. Whether it’s tax documents, legal agreements, banking records, or medical information, EncryptonSafe makes it easy to securely encrypt and protect your files.