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Protect your valuable personal information

Scan your PC for any traces of personal information including credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank accounts, tax forms, passwords and more. Any files containing sensitive information can be shredded to ensure they cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Free Smart ID Scan | Protect your Data and Personal Information

Protect Yourself from ID Theft

It’s possible over time that you have stored passwords or credit card numbers in various files on your PC. Perhaps you have documents, contracts, or tax filings which contain sensitive personal information? Storing private information in random files on your PC is not secure and leaves this information easily accessible to hackers and ID thieves. Run a Smart ID scan to check if there are files on your PC that should be securely shredded. Smart ID Scan is 100% FREE.

Why you should try Smart ID Scan

Powerful Scan

Smart ID Scan is set up to search for certain number formats and key words to help identify personal IDs, contracts, bank statements, tax forms, etc. You also have the option of entering custom keywords or phrases to help you identify specific personal information.

Finds all files types

Quickly find all files that contain personal information with one quick scan. Smart ID Scan searches multiple file types including zip files, pdfs, documents, spreadsheets, images and more. Regardless of the file type you will be able to immediately locate and shred problem files.

Secure Shredding

If there are files on your computer which contain sensitive information, then just deleting these files is not enough to ensure they can’t be found. Smart ID Scan enables you to shred the files making them unrecoverable by even the most sophisticated data recovery programs.

Features and Benefits

Identity theft is a huge problem. With Smart ID Scan we created a free tool to help everyday PC users find and secure personal information that might be scattered in various files on their PC. There are no upsells in the product. Smart ID Scan is a simple, easy to use tool that helps protect your user confidential data.