Smart ID Scan
Smart ID Scan Freeware

Smart ID Scan searches your PC for valuable personal ID information.

Smart ID Scan is a free product which deep scans the files on your PC for any traces of sensitive personal ID information including credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, passwords or user IDs. Any files containing sensitive information can be shredded to ensure they cannot be recovered. Run a scan with Smart ID Scan now and make sure there are no potential ID leaks in the files on your PC.

Features & Benefits

Deep scan your PC for personal ID information

Smart ID Scan deep scans your PC for any traces of personal information including credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, user names and more. You select the personal items you wish to search for and Smart ID Scan checks inside documents, spreadsheets, compressed files and other file formats looking for any traces of this valuable personal ID information.

Shred sensitive information to make it unrecoverable

If there are files on your computer which contain sensitive information then just deleting these files is not enough to ensure they can’t be found. Smart ID Scan enables you to shred the files making them unrecoverable by even the most sophisticated data recovery programs. Smart ID Scan is a simple solution for quickly finding and safely removing any files on your computer which contain sensitive personal information.

ID scans only require you to enter partial ID information

You have nothing to risk by running Smart ID Scan. Searching for a bank account, credit card, social security or personal IDs only requires that you enter the last few digits of the ID number in Smart ID Scan and not the entire number.

Protect yourself from ID theft

You might be surprised when you run a Smart ID Scan and find out how much personal information is easily available to hackers in the documents or files on your PC. Maybe you stored passwords or credit card numbers in excel spreadsheets or perhaps you have documents, contracts or other files on your PC which contain sensitive personal information. Storing your personal ID information in random files on your PC is not secure and leaves this information exposed to possible hackers or ID thieves. Run a free scan in Smart ID Scan today and start protecting your valuable personal ID information.


Compatibility Information

Current Version: 2.1
Installer Download Size: 2.6 Mb
Operating Systems: Windows versions 7, 8, 10 x32 and x64 bit