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Unlock The Hidden Potential Of Your PC: A Guide To Maximizing Performance With Smart PC Optimizer

The Slowdown Dilemma

There are some common issues that cause PCs to slow down over time. This includes junk files building up and clogging disk space, constant popup notifications from websites, invasive tracking cookies, large browser caches, too many programs in Windows startup, or broken shortcuts.  

We use our PC’s every day and over time things start to build up. Running regular cleaning and optimization scans with Smart PC Optimizer is the simple way to give your PC the boost it needs.

Smart PC Optimizer’s Features

Power Cleaning & Optimization Scan

The main scan takes about 2 minutes to complete, and the average user finds over 4.5GB of disk space to clean on their first scan. The scan targets registry clutter, internet caches, cookies and histories, system clutter and broken shortcuts. The scan also lets you remove annoying popup notifications from sites with low trust scores and helps boost startup speeds by managing programs found in Windows startup.

Security & Privacy Optimizations

Smart PC Optimizer’s privacy and security features include a Security Scan checking for active AV and Firewall. A Secure Vault used for encrypting and storing sensitive files. The Router Security Scan to check your network’s security settings, and a Device Wiper to securely wipe the contents of USB sticks. These are just a few of the security and privacy features included.

Boost Memory and App Performance

When you have too many applications running at the same time it can severely impact your computer’s loading and processing speeds. Smart PC Optimizer includes easy to use features to help you to free up memory and immediately boost speeds. These features include automatically shutting down non-essential background apps, showing you apps using over 30MB of memory so that you can choose which ones to shut down, and selecting your favorite apps to ensure they are always given loading priority.

Safe & Easy to Use

At Smart PC Solutions we have always been focused on creating easy to use solutions to help everyday users get the most out of their PCs. With Smart PC Optimizer we have made it safe and easy to clean and optimize your PC. Try running a free scan with Smart PC Optimizer today and see for yourself just how easy it can be to get your PC running smoothly again. 

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