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Duplicate cleaner for your PC

Duplicate photos, videos and music files can take up significant disk space. Trying to manually track
down all duplicate files on your PC can take hours. Run a quick scan with Smart Duplicate Cleaner and in
just minutes you will have a list of all duplicate files.

Features & Benefits

Easy to use

Smart Duplicate Cleaner helps you locate duplicates in just minutes! With one click you can start a duplicate scan. If you wish to customize the search criteria you can easily choose which folders to search and search based on file size or type. You will be able to immediately identify duplicates based on your criteria and free up large amounts of disk space.

Preview files

Double click on photos, videos or documents and they will open in a preview window. Now you can easily decide which duplicates to keep and which ones to remove. If you find files you don’t want you can delete both the duplicate and the original.

Automatically select files to clean

If you find large quantities of photos or videos you can speed up the cleaning process with our auto-select options. Using auto-select either newest files or original files can be automatically pre-checked for cleaning. If you have lots of duplicate photos this can save you significant time!

Smart Duplicate Cleaner in action

Smart Duplicate Cleaner
Smart Duplicate Cleaner Results

Industry Standard

Current Version: 2.2
Installer Download Size: 1.6 Mb
Operating Systems: Windows versions 7, 8, 10 x32 and x64 bit