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The easy way to recover files, photos and songs

Recovering missing or deleted files can be complicated, time consuming and if you choose the wrong data recovery programs you risk permanently loosing those files. Smart Data Recovery is an easy to use, safe solution that will enable even the most novice computer user to quickly recover missing files.

With Smart Data Recovery you can recover deleted, destroyed and damaged data with just one click! You’ll also be able to preview your files before recovering them to make sure they are the correct files or photos. Regardless of whether you accidentally deleted a file folder, spreadsheet, photo album or even the contents of a flash drive or mp3 player, Smart Data Recovery will be able to help you retrieve those files instantly.

Features & Benefits

Fast and easy to use

Smart Data Recovery is designed to be simple and easy to use, no technical expertise required! There are just 3 quick steps to restoring your information.
1. Download and install the program
2. Select the drive you wish to scan for missing files and press “Start Scan”
3. From the results window select the file or files you wish to recover and press “Recover”

Recover Files from a variety of sources

With Smart Data Recovery you can recover files from your PC, memory sticks, digital camera, iPod, flash drive and just about any other type of fixed media. Smart Data Recovery applies a simple yet powerful algorithm, which makes it possible to restore your lost data quickly and effectively.

Deep scan for more difficult to recover files

The regular scan checks for easy to recover files. Smart Data Recovery also offers a deep scan to help find and restore files from formatted disks or other harder to recover areas.

Preview files before you restore them

You can preview most files before recovery to make sure that you only recover exactly the files or photos you’re looking for. Download the Smart Data Recovery right now and see for yourself if it can find your missing files.

Customizable Scans

If you know the name of your missing file you can search by file name. Maybe you don’t know the exact name but you know you are looking for an Excel file, with Smart Data Recovery you can customize your scan to search by file type. Narrowing down your scan will dramatically speed up the search process.

Safe & Secure

While there is no lack of data recovery tools on the market, downloading and trying one after another is the worst idea ever. A badly executed unsuccessful attempt to recover lost files can and does cause irreparable damage to corrupted data. Smart Data Recovery is the safe and secure solution designed to recover your missing data without trying to repair the damaged disk structure. Smart Data Recovery is for computer users who simply need to quickly and safely recover their missing files.

Money Back Guarantee

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If for any reason you are not happy with the product return it within the first 30 days for a full refund.

Secure Shopping

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Industry Standard

Smart Data Recovery finds files you thought had been permanently deleted!

  • Recover lost or deleted documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text and PDF files
  • Find missing or deleted pictures and images including jpg, gif, png, bmp and ico
  • Recover lost songs, video and audio files including mp3, wav, avi and mpg
  • Retrieve missing binary files including exe, dll, dat, bat
  • Search for missing files on your computer or any external devices including flash drives, floppy drivers, memory cards, digital cameras, iPods and more
  • Restores files from FAT32 and NTFS hard drives
  • Preview files before recovering them
  • Deep scan for harder to recover files
  • Customize your scan to search by file name or file type
  • Fast, safe and easy way to recover missing or deleted files

Current Version: 5.0
Installer Download Size: 2.1 Mb
Operating Systems: Windows versions 7, 8, 10 x32 and x64 bit