Reasons to choose Smart PC

There are a lot PC optimization produts that make big promises when it comes to cleaning and optimizing your PC. We want to just make it clear to you what makes Smart PC stand out from these other products.

Smart PC – Top Features

Top rated cleaning scan

Powerful cleaning scan safely finds and removes all junk from your PC in just minutes! Smart PC locates registry junk, browser histories, cookies, chat histories, logs, caches, memory dumps, broken shortcuts and more. One quick scan can free up GBs of wasted disk space and get your PC feeling like new again.

Additional cleaning of large files

In addition to the main cleaning scan Smart PC also provides a Large File Scan. Using this feature you can locate the files taking up the most disk space on your PC. Once you review the list of files you may find old videos, photos or large documents that you don’t need. Removing these unnecessary large files helps free up additional disk space.

Unique startup manager

Removing programs from Windows startup and disabling scheduled tasks and services can significantly boost your PCs startup speeds. It can be hard to know which programs, tasks and services you need and which ones you can remove. Smart PC contains a unique database with program descriptions and recommendations. We make it easy for you decide what programs to keep and which ones to remove.

Schedule scans to keep your PC clean

Schedule cleaning scans to run on a regular bases at convenient times. Running cleaning scans every few days will remove privacy risks like tracking cookies and browser histories. Scheduled cleaning scans stops junk from building up on your PC and help to keep it clean and optimized.

System Monitor Messages keep you informed

Useful messages tell you when programs are added to your startup menu, when new programs are installed or uninstalled, if your memory or disk space are running low. These system monitor messages will help ensure your PC stays clean and optimized.

Smart PC Professional

Upgrade to Smart PC Professional and enjoy these additional features

Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate photos, videos, music, and documents could be taking up a lot of disk space on your PC. Smart PC’s duplicate cleaner quickly identifies duplicate files scattering around the different folders on your computer. You can preview any duplicates found and immediately remove any you don’t need. Manually checking all the folders on your PC for duplicates could take hours but with Smart PC the scan will be completed in just minutes.

Data Recovery

Recover files you thought you had lost including photos, documents, videos and more. Smart PC’s sophisticated data recovery feature offers the best chance for recovering your missing or damaged files.

Shred files you don’t want anybody to see

If you have confidential files or photos on your computer that you don’t want anybody to recover then you should consider shredding those files. Shredding is a process that overwrites the data in your file multiple times. Smart PC offers the same levels of shredding used by the military. Your shredded files will be permanently destroyed.

Powerful Uninstaller

Often when you uninstall programs they leave behind unnecessary files and folders. Smart PC’s Uninstaller removes programs and then searches for all leftover items making sure a program is cleanly uninstalled. The uninstaller cleanly removes desktop programs, Windows store programs and browser extensions.

We hope this overview helps you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a PC Cleaner or Optimizer product. For additional tips on PC optimization check out our article Tips to boost PC Speeds