I downloaded your software, ran your software, found the interface very user friendly, many options, no interference with the speed of my computer, simple instructions, fast and effective.

After using for 3 days now, have found my overall computer performance to be much faster…. I think your product is the best (of 3 others) I have used in past several years.

Sam Rondas
Reno Nevada

I just removed over 2341 junk files and privacy risks from my computer and several programs I don’t use from my startup menu using Smart Fast PC.

The program made it really easy to clean up junk and not have to worry about accidentally deleting files I might need.

Donna McKenna

My daughter accidentally wiped out the contents of a flash drive that contained copies of old family photos but thanks to Smart Data Recovery I was able to get all the pictures back in just minutes.

Thank you!

Lauran Verges