IGFXTRAY.exe in Windows startup

What is igfxtray.exe and should it be in windows startup?

igfxtray.exe is an Intel product which adds an icon to the system tray to provide direct access to the Intel 810 series graphics chipset. Having the icon in the system tray gives you direct access to display settings. Using this access you can change display settings quickly including resolution or color depth. You can also use it to configure your graphics controller.

igfxtray application

Do I need to keep Igfxtray.exe in Windows startup?

The more programs that start automatically with Windows the slower your startup time will be.

igfxtray.exe is not an essential program. If you don’t change your display settings often then you don’t need this program starting automatically. Furthermore, display settings can be changed through the Windows control panel so this application is not essential.

How do I remove Igfxtray.exe from startup?

You can remove programs from startup using the default Windows options. The steps for removing programs vary depending on your operating system, click here for more details.

For a simpler solution download the free 14-day trial version of Smart PC. On the Clean Up menu select the Manage Startup option. From this menu, you can disable or delete programs from your Windows startup menu with one click. The Smart PC startup manager also provides program descriptions and recommendations for other programs in your startup menu.