IGFXTRAY.exe System Tray Icon

What is igfxtray.exe?


Publisher: Intel

Program Description:

igfxtray.exe adds an icon to the system tray which provides direct access to the Intel 810 series graphics chipset. Using the system tray icon you can change various display setting including resolution or color depth, and you can configure your graphics controller.

igfxtray application

Do I need to keep Igfxtray.exe in startup?

This program is optional and can be safely removed from startup if you don’t actively use it.

If you remove ctfmon.exe from startup you give up the ability to change your display settings through a system tray icon. Display settings can be changed through the Windows control panel so this application is not essential.

How do I remove Igfxtray.exe from startup?

You can remove programs from startup using the default Windows options.   The steps for removing programs vary depending on your operating system.