GoogleUpdate.exe in Windows startup

What is GoogleUpdate.exe and should it be in Windows startup?


Googleupdate.exe is an automatic update utility.  It is used in several Google programs including Chrome, Picasa, and Google Earth.  When updates are available for Google programs, Googleupdate.exe automatically downloads and installs the most current versions.  Updates can include new features, program enhancements, and bug fixes.  Google programs often add googleupdate.exe to your Windows startup menu.


Do I need to keep GoogleUpdate.exe in startup?

The more programs that start automatically with Windows the slower your startup time will be.

Googleupdate.exe is not an essential program.  If you are somebody who likes to have programs automatically updated then keep it in Windows startup.  However, if you prefer to choose which Google updates to install then you should disable or remove this program from Windows startup.

If you use Google products you can always download updates from the Google site when you need them.   Manually updating programs allows you to choose which updates you want to install.  The only downside to manually updating is that you may sometimes miss a security fix.

In conclusion, it is really personal preference.   If you are comfortable with having google automatically update your installed Google apps then keep it active in startup.   If you prefer to be in control of what updates get installed then disable or remove it from startup.

How do I remove Googleupdate.exe from startup?

You can remove programs from startup using the default Windows options.   The steps for removing programs vary depending on your operating system, click here for more details.

For a simpler solution download the free 14-day trial version of  Smart PC.  On the Clean Up menu use the feature Manage Startup.  Here you can disable or delete programs from your startup menu with one click.  The startup menu also provides program descriptions and recommendations on other programs in your startup menu.