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Smart Driver Updater

Find and replace outdated drivers instantly.

Try before you buy! Download a copy of Smart Driver Updater now and run a FREE scan to see if it finds your outdated drivers.


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Smart Driver Updater

Get the most out of your computer, printer, speakers and other devices by updating your drivers. Smart Driver Updater quickly scans your PC and external devices to provide you with the best new drivers available for your system.

3 Mb

Smart Data Recovery

Smart Data Recovery is the safe and easy way to recover missing and deleted files, photos, music and more. Find and recover files from a variety of sources including memory sticks, iPods and other media.

2.1 Mb

Smart Privacy Cleaner

Your computer could reveal a lot of private information about the type of websites you visit, the pictures and music you download and other personal information. Smart Privacy Cleaner removes all traces of your online and offline activities to keep your personal information private.

3.1 Mb

Express Uninstaller

When you uninstall an application using the standard windows add/remove programs there are often junk files and registry items left behind. Uninstalling with Express Uninstaller is the safe, easy and fast way to completely remove the application along with all leftover files.

1 Mb

Smart PC

Smart PC finds and removes junk files and registry clutter to clean and optimize your PC. Download our FREE 14 day trial version and clean and optimize your PC immediately.

3.4 Mb

Smart PC Professional

Smart PC makes your PC faster, error-free and more efficient!

3.1 Mb

Smart NTFS Recovery

Smart NTFS Recovery is a data recovery tool for NTFS file system.

2.3 Mb

Smart FAT Recovery

Smart FAT Recovery is a data recovery tool for FAT file system.

2.2 Mb

Smart Flash Recovery

Smart Flash Recovery is a Flash recovery tool for Windows operating system.

2.2 Mb

Smart Partition Recovery

Smart Partition Recovery restores deleted logical disks.

1 Mb

Smart Image Recovery

Smart Image Recovery is an image recovery tool to restore deleted images (jpg, gif, png) from any devices.

1.9 Mb

Smart Data Scrubber

Smart Data Scrubber allows to wipe completely all the information about the file you were working with, ensuring total confidentiality of your work.

2.2 Mb

Smart System Informer

How do you get the PC features quickly? You may surely use special tab or panel, but the data will be located in different places. Smart System Informer will make it for you swiftly!

820 kb

Smart Toolbar Remover

Smart Toolbar Remover easily removes unwanted toolbars in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

844 kb

Smart PC Start Menu

If you’re finding it difficult to use Windows 8 because you miss the traditional Start Menu then Smart PC Start Menu might be just the solution you need. Smart PC Start Menu brings the Start Menu with almost all the classic options back to the Window.

1.8 Mb

Smart Auto Shutdown

Smart Auto Shutdown automatically shuts down your computer and cleans up unneeded temporary files ahead of time, along with traces of your Internet use.

700 kb