Don’t use Facebook or Google to log in to other applications

Why you should use a password manager and not Facebook or Google to log into sites and applications

It has become common practice to use Facebook or Google to log in to sites or applications. While it might be easier than creating a login and password for every site it’s not a good option if you value your privacy.

Using Facebook to log you in gives them access to your activity. It’s almost like Facebook is following you. They disclose that they are collecting information such as IP address, browser type, operating system and data from the app or site you logged into. The information being collected will be used to target you with ads and stories.

It’s not just Facebook. If you’re using your Google to log in to other sites or applications then they will be gathering similar information.

Start protecting your privacy

To protect privacy you need to log in directly to sites and applications and use a different password for every site. Don’t be tempted to allow Facebook or Google to log you in. Also, don’t allow browsers or websites to remember your passwords for you as they don’t always store them securely. The safest solution for protecting your passwords is to start using a password manager.

Reasons to use a password manager

#1 Password managers remember all of your passwords and logins so you don’t have to!

#2 You will be able to use stronger and more secure passwords. Most password managers include a password generator which will generate passwords of various lengths which include numbers, capitals and special characters. Now that you don’t have to remember all of your passwords yourself it will be easier to use good password habits and have different passwords for every site.

#3 When you get to a login screen the password manager will automatically fill in the password and ID fields. You will lose less time having to type them in and you are less likely to have the passwords stolen by any keylogger that sneaks onto your computer.

#4 Security! Your passwords will be stored in a securely encrypted account. The master password is the unique key for unlocking the account and that password is known only to you. The master password is the last password you will ever have to remember. For an extra level of protection, most password managers also offer Two-Factor Authentication “2FA”. If you activate 2FA you will need a second unique code every time you log in to your account.

How to get started with a password manager

Choose the password manager you want to use. Our password manager is called Password Confidential. Click here to download and then you can setup a free account.

Access your passwords from anywhere

You can install Password Confidential as an extension to your browser (Chrome, Firefox or IE) and on any iPhone or Android. Having the password manager on multiple devices means that you’ll always have access to your passwords.

Get started with a password manager today. You will no longer have to remember all of your passwords. You will also be protecting your privacy!