Smart Data ScrubberSmart Data Scrubber$49.95

Make sure your data is really permanently deleted!

Smart Data Scrubber wipes completely the data on your hard drive making its restoring impossible and ensuring total confidentiality of your work.

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Do you know that after you have completely deleted information from your hard drive, it is still there? There are a lot of ways to restore deleted data.

Just imagine what could happen if your own personal information was used by the wrong people. Yet users themselves disclose their private information frequently allowing other people to use their computer, selling or offering their PC as a present. After a file has been deleted, its information is not erased completely, which makes it possible to restore this file later.

Smart Data Scrubber makes it possible to completely wipe all the information about the file you were working with, ensuring total confidentiality of your work. You can be sure that after using Smart Data Scrubber no any other software will be able to undelete the files you were working with. Give yourself a gift – 100% security and confidentiality of your personal data!

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Current Version: 3.7
Installer Download Size: 2.2 Mb
Operating Systems: Windows XP
Release Date: February 18, 2008