AdobeArm.exe Startup Program

What is AdobeArm.exe?

Publisher: Adobe Systems Inc.

Program Description:

AdobeArm.exe is an automatic update utility for the programs Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager. If updates are available for these programs AdobeArm.exe notifies the user, downloads and installs the updates.  The program replaced the older Adobe Updater Manager (AUM).

Adobe Update Program

Do I need to keep AdobeArm.exe in startup?

This is a non-essential program and can be safely removed from startup.

When you consider the delay it adds to windows startup, it’s not worth running, especially if you manage updates yourself. If you use Adobe Reader or Acrobat Manager you can download program updates from the Adobe website when/if you require them.   Manually updating your software programs allows you to install only the updates which contain fixes or improvements that are relevant to your use.

How do I remove AdobeArm from startup?

You can remove programs from startup using the default Windows options.   The steps for removing programs vary depending on your operating system, click here for more details.